We have been the clients from hell. Overrunning building works, three very large areas to install Amtico flooring all on on top of complicated underfloor heating that initially we never understood the implications of, and two stair carpets. We ran late on everything, kept changing our minds and moving dates, and had to surmount lots of technical problems (no heating in the winter, meaning it was often too cold to lay the Amtico; late delivery of sliding doors meaning much of the downstairs area had to be laid, but with a gap to where the doors would be … I could go on). In fact, two months in to the eventual eight months it took from first visit to last, we felt that the chaps at Lordship Lane Carpets were our new best friends as we had to phone them so often.

I have to commend Lordship Lane Carpets for treating us with unfailing good humour and professionalism throughout, even when they must have rued the day we walked into the shop; Derek even going out of his way to drop off samples to our home in the evening, while Ian was happy to recommend a gardener. In short, we were never made to feel the idiots we were, and many helpful suggestions were made to us. I’ve just paid our final bill and have been very touched to see how carefully it has all been totted up, with plenty of savings made for us along the way. And I’m delighted to report every single area has worked fantastically, indeed much better than we could possibly have imagined all those months ago.It all looks amazing and we are really thrilled, and we would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone both the service and the products at Lordship Lane Carpets.

Mark and Jenny, East Dulwich