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Terms & Conditions

Estimates and quotes

All estimates and quotes are based on information gained from site surveys and all prices are based on these surveys. All prices given will be valid for three months from the date of your estimate.

Door cutting

Please note that occasionally doors may need cutting after new flooring has been laid to accommodate the new height. Unfortunately we cannot always predict this. We may be able to provide this service but it may not be possible on the the same day as the fitting.


Upon booking any work and before ordering any products we require a minimum of 50% deposit. For balances under £1000.00 payment in full is required. Balance is required 7 days before completion.. It is the responsibility of the customer to make payment. Should it be necessary to contact the customer for payment, an additional administration charge will be incurred. The goods remain the property of Lordship Lane Carpets/lordship flooring Co. until payment is received in full.

Furniture moving and uplift of existing flooring

If we are required to uplift and dispose of any existing flooring, this is to be agreed upon before the date of installation. The customer is required to leave areas clean and free from obstacles prior to the arrival of fitting staff. If the customer is to uplift and dispose of their existing flooring, this is required to be completed and all areas cleared prior to the arrival of fitting staff. If the above is not possible, the extra time needed for a fitter to perform this task will be charged at a normal rate. If lordship flooring are required to move furniture this must be agreed upon before the day of installation. Due to time restrictions, our fitters will only move large items of furniture. The customer is responsible for emptying these i.e. wardrobes, chest of drawers etc. The customer is responsible for removing any small and delicate items from the area prior to the time of installation. The customer is responsible for unplugging and removing any electrical items prior to installation. Any furniture that the customer is to move, must be clear from the fitting areas prior to the arrival of our fitting staff. Should we find upon arriving find that the customer has not been able to follow these instructions, the extra time and manpower required will be chargeable to the customer and in some cases the fitting date may need to be rescheduled. To accommodate these changes a cancellation charge will be incurred.

Shade and sampling tolerance

When a product has been selected there may be some slight difference between samples and the fitted product due to dye batch or natural variation and should not be considered a defect. This is especially true if natural products i.e. wood and sisal.

Staircase fittings

Stairs are fitted using the British standard waterfall method. We do not pin under nosings as this has a propensity to weaken the material. Should you wish to have the stair carpet pinned under the nosings, this should be agreed to prior to order placement.

Stair nosings vary in their prominence, and although our fitters will be mindful of this, you will sometimes be able to see a slight gap where the material has been pulled from the nosing to the crevice of the tread.

Change of fitting conditions and dates

Should conditions change from the time of survey to the date of installation i.e. decoration or building works overrunning, or the site not being ready, the customer is required to notify us as soon as possible and with a minimum of 48 hour’s notice. Failure to notify us will result in the customer being liable for the cost of the labour due to time lost.


All installation dates and times are approximate and may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. The customer will be notified of any changes to installation times as soon as possible. Lordship Flooring reserve the right to rearrange times and dates of installation and cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by the customer. Cancellations or rescheduling of installation dates by the customer require a minimum of 48 hours notice. Late cancellations will be subject to the quoted fitting cost due to loss of time. Likewise, if we are unable to proceed with the arranged installation due to the site not being ready or access been denied or refused when 48 hour notice was not given, the customer will be liable for the quoted fitting costs.


Unless otherwise specifically requested in writing, whipping colours will be selected by Lordship Flooring.

Pipes, cables and general fitting conditions

It is the customers responsibility to inform Lordship Flooring of the location of any pipes or cables which are in the area where the fitting is taking place and also ensure that all pipes and cables are a regulation depth under the floor and comply with all current legislation. Lordship Flooring will not be responsible for any damage to pipes or cables or for any consequential damage to the customers property or fittings where the above has not been complied with.

Unless Lordship Flooring have quoted to prepare the floors for fitting beforehand, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that floors are of an even surface completely free of damp and in good condition.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we will keep your flooring in storage for three months, after this time the goods will be delivered or a storage fee will be charged at £10 per week.

Warranties and liability

Nothing contained in this section of our terms and conditions affects your statutory rights. Any claim by the customer which is based upon any alleged defect or failure in the goods or in the service provided by lordship flooring co./ Lordship Lane Carpets in respect of the goods must be presented in writing within seven days from the date of installation and where the defect was not apparent immediately, within seven days from the discovery of the defect. Failure to notify lordship flooring co/Lordship Lane Carpets as laid out above may affect the validity of any claim.

Photographs: We may take photographs of our work to use for advertising and marketing whilst ensuring our customers privacy is completely protected. These photographs will remain the property of Lordship Flooring.

The payment of a deposit for this order will be confirmation that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.