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Totally natural, Marmoleum is made from Linseed oil, Wood flour, Resin, Jute and Limestone. Marmoleum is widely recognised for its beautiful and innovative design, but it truly comes into its own when you discover that not only is it made from natural, harvestable materials, but that it is considered the greenest floor covering choice by many worldwide international eco-labels.

These Eco-labels don’t just look at raw materials but at cradle to grave performance: floor covering production, distribution, installation, use & maintenance all the way through its life to recycling and disposal. Marmoleum is globally recognised and independently renowned as a truly sustainable choice . If that wasn’t enough, Marmoleum is an extremely hygienic flooring solution, they have also been awarded the prestigious British Allergy Foundation seal of approval. Available in many different designs and colours; marbled, plain, smooth and textured. Available in tile and sheet forms, the design possibilities are endless. Lordship Flooring Co use only experienced and fully qualified specialist fitters to ensure you get the ultimate from this floor covering.

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